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Tiffany H

About Me:

Have you ever heard a Make up artist say they hate Makeup? Well, I hated makeup. I was a true tomboy who only wore mac lipgloss lol. Around 3 years ago I saw myself in a picture and told myself "Tiff you need some concealer " and the rest was history. I worked in a mall so I always went to the MAC counter on my lunch and asked 100 questions. I followed as many makeup artist on YouTube and practiced on myself daily. Funny thing is TiffDailyBeat came to me In my sleep. I literally woke up out of my sleep and made an Instagram at like 2 in the morning with an idea of being a makeup consultant. I posted all the collections, tried different makeup brands and that snowballed into me doing tutorials. When people ask me about TiffDailyBeat, I always say let me be the test dummy. Let me be the one that test out all these different brands and let you know the good, the bad, and the ugly. I offer one on one makeup sessions so others can learn in a less stressful "buy this" environment. My goal with TiffDailyBeat is to empower women and make them feel comfortable trying new colors, having a great skincare regimen and have an overall feeling of Glam !!!




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